Guideline for Poster Presentation

Each poster presenter must prepare a single slide poster. Poster should be set up to a wide screen 16:9 page or a 36.5”W and 20.5”H page. The content should be at a minimum font size of 14 points for a wide screen 16:9 page or of 24 points for a 36.5”W and 20.5”H page. The resolution for images or graphs should be at least 96 dpi. The poster file must be submitted in pdf format to the FIAC Online Submission System during May 21-25, 2022. Afterward, if you receive any comments from the FIAC committee regarding your poster file, revisions should be made according to those comments and the revised file must be resubmitted to the online system by June 5, 2022. The poster file will be posted on the conference website and will be available for all registered delegates by June 14, 2022. Details of the conference call meeting program (system testing) and full presentation program schedule will be updated on the website as soon as possible.